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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our service and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send an email to - but try our Submit a Request first



What is the difference between a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) and a fully furnished apartment?

A B&B is your own private bedroom in a New Yorker's home. The owner lives on the premises, so B&Bs are sometimes referred to as "hosted accommodations." You can request a B&B with a private bathroom or one with a shared bathroom. At our shared bath accommodations, you share the bathroom only with your host or one other guestroom, not with a cast of thousands. Many of our customers enjoy the B&B experience because our hosts are a wonderful resource for information about the "Big Apple." 

A fully furnished apartment is your own private, self-contained apartment, an "unhosted accommodation", complete with kitchen. People compare it to experiencing what living in Manhattan is like as a local, not just a tourist.


Do you have a minimum stay?

Yes, we require at least four consecutive nights at B&B and five consecutive nights in a furnished apartment


What does my B&B or fully furnished apartment include?

All accommodations are freshly cleaned before your arrival and include bed linens, pillows, blankets and towels. You are not expected to clean the accommodation before you leave, although it is appreciated if you take out the garbage.

At our B&B's, a Continental breakfast is provided at most of our B&B's. Many have a telephone in the room for local calls and, where this is not available, the host makes the house phone available to guests. Long distance calls can be placed with the use of a phone card or collect. Other common in-room amenities include TV, air conditioning, and easy chairs.

Our apartments are fully furnished. Most include a kitchen with cookware, dishware, glassware and utensils. Depending on price range and size, some have unique features such as working fireplaces or terraces. For stays of less than one month, our nightly rates are all-inclusive, and there are no extra charges for utilities. For stays of one month or more, we require a security deposit for utility bills (gas/electric, telephone and cable TV) and against possible damages. The balance of the security deposit is returned within 45 days of departure, with copies of the relevant bills enclosed to document the charges. 

We do not offer maid service at any of our accommodations.


Is there a curfew at a B&B?

There is no "curfew." You can come and go as you please,  although, if you are coming in late, please enter as quietly as possible since hosts may need to rise early for work.


Are your locations safe and clean?

We personally inspect every accommodation we offer to ensure cleanliness, safety and comfort. All our accommodations are located in good, safe residential neighborhoods.  We maintain our high standards with a follow-up guest evaluation.


Are children permitted at your accommodations?

Children, 10 years old or older, are welcome at our accommodations


Do you accept pets?

We regret that none of our B&B hosts or apartment owners will accept pets.


Is smoking allowed at your accommodations?

We have both non-smoking and smoking accommodations.


What are your check-in and check-out times?

We do our best to arrange for you to be able to check in directly upon your arrival in New York City. If a guest is checking out on the same day that you check in, we may ask you to simply leave your baggage at the accommodation when you arrive and return after 3:00 PM, when the B&B or apartment will have been freshly cleaned and prepared for you.

Check-out time is 11:00 A.M. If your departure plans are for later in the day, we can often arrange for you to leave your packed luggage at the accommodation and pick it up before leaving the city.


How do I get the keys to my B&B or apartment?

The B&B host or apartment owner will greet you and supply you with keys when you arrive. We request your airline, flight number, arrival airport and landing time so we can estimate when you will arrive at your accommodation and advise the B&B host or apartment owner when they must be there to greet you. If you are arriving by car, we will request your arrival time within a one-hour window (e.g., between 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM, for example).


Are your rates "per person" or for the accommodation?

Our rates are for the accommodation, for either one or two people. For more than two people, the rate is slightly higher.


How do I make a reservation? How do I pay?

We will require a deposit, the deposit amount is dependent upon each apartment and B&B requirements. Deposits will be accepted in travelers' checks, money order, cashier's check or via bank wire transfer and using your Credit Card through PayPal. The balance due is paid, in full, to the owner when you arrive at the apartment, in either cash or travelers' checks only. 

Whether you reserve a B&B or an apartment, you will receive a confirmation from us that provides you with your B&B host's or apartment owner's name, address and phone number.


Can I pay when I leave the accommodation?

All accommodations must be paid for, in full, upon your arrival.


What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is as follows and may change as per host/owner request:

For a Bed and Breakfast  -- If notice of cancellation is received 21 calendar days or less prior to guest's arrival, 25% of the total payment will be charged to your credit card. If notice of cancellation is given 22 calendar days or earlier, a $75 processing fee will be charged to your credit card. No refunds will be made if your trip must be curtailed following your arrival.

For a Furnished Apartment -- If notice of cancellation is received 30 calendar days or less prior to guest's arrival, 20% of the total payment will be taken from your deposit, and the remainder will be returned. If notice of cancellation is given 31 calendar days or earlier, a $150 processing fee will be taken from the deposit, and the remainder will be returned. No refunds will be made if your trip must be curtailed following your arrival.


Do I receive a refund if I must shorten my stay?

We regret that no refunds are permitted if you must leave earlier than planned.


What Manhattan neighborhood is most central to shopping and tourist attractions?

Many first-time travelers are not aware of how small Manhattan really is. From the northern edge of Central Park to the southern tip of the island, Manhattan is only about 10 miles long. At its widest point, the island is only about one mile wide. New York City has many "centers," so to speak.  In general, nothing is more than about 20 minutes away from anything else by subway, bus, or even on foot!